The Bill of Rights Defense Fund was created to execute a recall election on Rhonda Fields, Representative of Colorado House District 42.

To see the listing of this issue committee go to the Secretary of State web site to see the listing here:

Recall Rhonda Meeting 8/13

Join us Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at the Eloise May Library to discuss RECALLING State House Representative Rhonda Fields. The Bill of Rights Defense Fund (BORDF) is an issue committee, registered with the State of Colorado, created to recall Colorado State Representative Rhonda Fields.

A recall election on Rhonda Fields is a reality for only 5,591 signatures. The business plan proposed to unseat Ms. Fields from her seat in the Colorado House of Representatives is below.

=>**This recall plan focuses on OUTSOURCING the petition circulation, so there is no anxiety over cold-calling our cause door-to-door. **

Please join us on:
Tuesday, April 13th at 7:00 p.m. at the
Eloise May Library, 1471 South Parker Road, Denver, CO 80231

We will determine whether this recall effort should go forward. Remember, Rhonda Fields stated at The Cell & Denver Post debate on February 19, 2013, at the Denver Performing Arts Complex her 'next step' would be to write legislation that requires 'all guns in homes be locked up at all times.'

To participate in the recall, go to our Facebook or Meetup pages.

Recall Colorado House Representative Rhonda Fields

Recall Colorado House Representative Rhonda Fields

Executive Plan:

Petition circulators $16,500   Two dollars and fifty cents per signature for professional petition circulation, yielding 1,000 more than needed. Phase 1
T-shirts $750 Fifty t-shirts for outreach. Phase 1, 2. 3
Robo-calls $2,150 Melissa ($150) - Calls for all phases. This amount is 100,000 calls
Yard signs $2,000 Phase 2 marketing
Radio $1,000 One week before the election on KNUS. Phase 2.
Wrap Party $300 Party for all the "poll watchers" after the polls close. Phase 3
Petitions $1,000 Printing can be done on 8X11.5 A4 will cost a little more. Phase 1
Gun Show $300 Booth cost, printing - Phase 1, 2
Business cards $600 Cards listing web sites: voter registration, BORDF, Facebook, Meet-up, and email address - Phase 1
Professional services $3,000 PI, attorney, anything we cannot get donated - Phase 1, 2

Total for Executive Plan $27,600

Phase 1 - petition circulation and prep

Phase 2 - marketing before the ballot, after passing sufficiency and petition protest

Phase 3 - poll watching/wrap party

Petitions will be 'checked-out,' with each one requiring a 'check-in' date. Each petition will have a post-it note covering the affidavite section, with the phone number of the librarian. Each petitioner will sign a pledge to return the petition, regardless of how many signatures. If a petitioner does not return the petition on the due date, they will be asked to make a $25 donation to the effort.

Each petitioner will be emailed a weekly update newsletter, listing collection locations, and cooperating notaries.

Outreach agents will follow up on signatures that are not correct. The business cards are a great way to leave something behind after contacting them about their voter's registration.